I am an overthinker

The sheriff of Anxiety Town

Predicting futures of death and devastation

Without the help of a crystal ball.

I am a worrying insomniac

A file cabinet turned upside-down

Littered with a thousand urgent memos

To which I may never respond.

I am a broken record of negative self-talk

Shaming myself for blinking too much

Demanding perfection from this faulty soul

While embracing everyone else.

Published by Quietest Poet

Writer, mother, counselor, flower gardener, recipe seeker, and Netflix lover.

One thought on “Overthinker

  1. Overthinking something
    is like an overrated skill
    maybe this is because
    don’t know when to stop
    and when it’s happening
    in our life, we must learn
    to act and think enough
    to have proper balancing.

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