The Quiet Beauty of Christmas

There is a quiet beauty of Christmas Lingering in our hopeful hearts Reverence toward our fragile existence Counting our blessings that we are alive To watch these younger, innocent ones Tiptoe toward a glowing evergreen tree Their eyes lit up in the joy of the season Contagious excitement to give and receive. Christmas reminds usContinue reading “The Quiet Beauty of Christmas”

The Awkward

Awkward follows me into social places Hovering over each heartfelt exchange Taking over the weighted pauses Transforming normal into painfully strange, Mutating into my soft-spoken speech Flashing “INTROVERT” in neon signs Tumbling around on my stammering tongue Fashioning a socially anxious shrine. What a paradox the awkward creates To one who attempts to be warmContinue reading “The Awkward”


Some would argue that an individual’s worth Is made up of trophies, lined on a mantle Displayed in titles, framed on office walls Evaluated through assessments of knowledge Measured by the value of a home on a street Admired in symmetrical painted faces But I would say that worth runs deeper In the innate kindnessContinue reading “Self-Worth”

Overly Apologetic

Oh, if you knew the amount of resistance I summon from the moment I awake to resist constantly apologizing For each imperceptible mistake From asking how you are feeling With too serious a tone To not chuckling right on cue At your most recent subtle joke. That I’m not pleading forgiveness After each social exchangeContinue reading “Overly Apologetic”