For some, home is the shelter of four sturdy walls

With memories infused into photo-lined halls

Miscellaneous clutter as a cozy centerpiece

A comfortable mix of chaos and peace.

For some, home is a feeling of safe security

With the warmth of a fire and plenty to eat

Beloved paw prints etched on wooden floors

Surrendering all worries and cares at the door.

For some, home is the familiarity of a face

Arms wrapped around shoulders in a warm embrace

The belonging of a likeminded, supportive tribe

A sense of community within the place you reside.

Wherever your feet find a place to take root

Whether a far-distant dream or an absolute

Life gently nudges us in the direction we roam

Toward the very things we will always call home.

Published by Quietest Poet

Writer, mother, counselor, flower gardener, recipe seeker, and Netflix lover.

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