Stretching Wings

I thought the tree was where I belonged

Sitting beneath a canopy of branches

Nestled up against the trunk of this vast oak

Lulled to sleep by the sound of the breeze through leaves.

Never dreamed of leaving this sacred space

Too afraid of the world outside the shade of my tree

Protected from the vast wide open space

Safely squirreled away, content, and asleep.

Then one day, the sun peeked through my leafy hideaway

Spilling onto my pale, susceptible skin

Bringing awareness of life beyond this sheltered world

Replacing complacency with curious intent.

So I climbed my way up through the branches

Perching onto a strong but shaky limb

Staring out over an endless landscape of opportunities

Uncharted territory I never knew existed until then.

Then something terrifyingly wondrous occurred

As I peered out into this new, unfamiliar land

Stretching my arms in the warmth of the glowing sunlight

I discovered that I had wings.

Published by Quietest Poet

Writer, mother, counselor, flower gardener, recipe seeker, and Netflix lover.

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