The Bittersweet of Awakening

Awakening unfolds incrementally, slowly,

One single nerve at a time, slowly regaining sensation

Filling the numb, empty spaces of our souls with signs of rebirth.

No one warns us that the process of thawing out traumatized hearts

Begins with more suffering than relief,

When the sting of reality surging through deserted nerves

Wrenches us loose from the safety of emotional emptiness

Into a visceral awareness of our deepest wounds.

How wonderful it would be to skip over the tedious parts of healing

When we must pluck out hundreds of splinters lodged into our hearts

One-by-one, carefully bandaging each puncture with promises to self

To be kinder, gentler, wiser next time.

As the hollow nerves come to life again,

As our punctured hearts heal,

There will be pain, both cathartic and unbearable

Yet in that pain there will be transformation

As our minds begin to synchronize logical truth with the depth of our feelings

Grieving what must be grieved so that we may finally let go

Of the splinters and thorns keeping us from forward movement.

May we love our wounded hearts and souls

As they strive to mend

And may we invite what is wholesome and nurturing

Into these darkened days, into our melancholy spirits

Until we have reason again to keep breathing.

Published by Quietest Poet

Writer, mother, counselor, flower gardener, recipe seeker, and Netflix lover.

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