The Felt Sense

When we set aside the cacophony of racing thoughts

Sitting in the peace of stillness, silencing the chatter

Allowing the pressures of the external to temporarily fade

We can then listen to that quiet inner voice, the felt sense

It is there, dear soul, that a light glows in the dark

A knowing above all knowing, without any evidence

But the warmth and pull of our fervent hearts

Reminding us what matters on this adventure of life

Teaching us to trust in our souls’ calm, steady guidance

As it quietly leads us to that place we call home.

I have struggled to listen at times to this felt sense,

Choosing instead the harshness of cold facts and reality

Closing the door on the only reliable compass that I know

Which is my heart, dear soul, in all of its sentimentality

And when I can sit there in the quiet, listening softly

A light glows from within, awakening my doubtful soul

Pulling me up from my aching onto shaking feet

Whispering words of encouragement to try again.

Maybe it is in the intuitiveness of this sixth sense

That we hear, we finally hear, what we need the most

We see for the first time with a lens of clarity our life

We feel the way forward as if drawn toward light.

Published by Quietest Poet

Writer, mother, counselor, flower gardener, recipe seeker, and Netflix lover.

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