To Be Enchanted

This is the newest release by Sleeping at Last. If you’ve been following my blog for a time, you know this is my favorite musical artist.

I think we need reminders sometimes that as painful as life can be, as downtrodden as we feel, in the dark hours before we actually begin feel again, hope again…we were also meant to be happy.

Let it sink in.

We are meant to be enchanted.

Life is suffering. Life is injustice. Life is loss. Life is heavy. Life is lonely. Life is scary. Life is unpredictable.

But life is also joy. Life is hope. Life is getting up and trying again. Life is moving through the resistance. Life is remembering who we are. Life is love.

May you be enchanted, dear soul.

Published by Quietest Poet

Writer, mother, counselor, flower gardener, recipe seeker, and Netflix lover.

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