Running Away from the Cure

I see the itch in your twitching feet The instant the pain sets in Stirring up feelings you cannot ignore So, let the damage control begin! Fleeing is not the answer To dispose of unwanted sensations They will cling to recesses of your soul No matter the speed of abdication. Take a breath and inviteContinue reading “Running Away from the Cure”

To Live Is to Be Brave

In a world of nonstop doing Where worth is measured by accomplishment Clocking in and out of consciousness Half-awake in a monotonous trench, We berate ourselves for dragging our feet Rising up in the wake of a million defeats Putting smiles on a hollow and weary face Giving energy despite the inner displace. No amountContinue reading “To Live Is to Be Brave”

Riding the Wave of Grief

Such a minuscule reprieve A blink of relief Before the wave of grief rises again Blindsiding, capsizing, crushing from within Dissolving our freshly-paved resolve To finally be rid of the pain. While you catch your stolen breath While you release those captive tears Remember the pattern of waves: To rise, to impact, to retreat. ItContinue reading “Riding the Wave of Grief”