The Quiet Beauty of Christmas

There is a quiet beauty of Christmas Lingering in our hopeful hearts Reverence toward our fragile existence Counting our blessings that we are alive To watch these younger, innocent ones Tiptoe toward a glowing evergreen tree Their eyes lit up in the joy of the season Contagious excitement to give and receive. Christmas reminds usContinue reading “The Quiet Beauty of Christmas”


Come, gather round this rustic table I’ll light a candle for a centerpiece We’ll bask in the fading light of day And let our hearts begin to speak Of deepest wishes, never spoken Dreams still in their infancy The bitter taste of our misfortunes Finding gold within debris. We’ll raise a glass to all ourContinue reading “Thanksgiving”

Take this Flame

(Reposting from way back, stay safe, dear souls.) I have a little light left in me Stored up through seasons past, A tiny flame still burning Ever resilient, ever steadfast And I see that you are aching From the emptiness in your eyes Caving in to inner deception Lending your ear to self-made lies ThatContinue reading “Take this Flame”