Eventually we begin to accept the rhythm of life

Between the collision of each crashing wave

And the soft, peaceful lulls of recovery

Learning to balance ourselves in the in-between

Functioning even as the next wave builds

Exercising unwavering hope in what will be

While accepting the reality of future downfalls

That there is never an end to the waves that collide

Just like there is never an end to peace

There is both,

Simultaneously, counterbalancing

Time-limited but always repeating.

Slowly, we learn the patterns of the waves

Growing more accustomed to absorbing impacts

Embracing the calm without expectation

Rooting our feet and our hearts in the sand

With what matters most

What feels nurturing

What heals.

This is the natural way of things,

To weather the inevitable difficultues

While remaining forever hopeful

That in this perpetually flowing experience

We discover our own unexpected grit

Through exposure

Like the jagged piece of glass

Turned over and over again in the sea

Until it becomes a resplendent, polished stone.

Coming Back to Life

Coming back to life

From the cracks in the ground

Where I had buried my awakened self.

Rising slowly from the ashes

Tending to my own weeping wounds

Rescuing the parts of me long lost

To the contingencies of human experience.

Learning to savor life

Armored, apprehensive, autonomous,

But with a soft and tender heart

Healing from the inside out.


I am nothing if not teachable,

So teach me, dear soul,

Remove the blinders from my eyes

Bring awareness to this naive mind

Allow me the rewarding experience

Of transforming ignorance

Into openmindedness.

I am nothing if not reachable

So help me to reach you, dear soul,

Show me how to create a safe sanctuary

To invite the relief of painful processing

Welcoming in words unfiltered and brave

That I may see the gray area

That lies within your truth.

As We Float Along

As we float along,

We learn the capacity of our fortitude

Understanding our limitations

Deciphering our soul’s longings

As we surrender to the flow of life

Unsettled but uncontrolled by circumstance

Keeping an inner anchor steady

When the rapids rage

When the rain pours

When there is no other choice

Than to allow the stream to carry us

Until we reach shore.


I stepped into the sunlight

And all at once

My soul began to thaw

As if it had been parched for light.

I am learning to stand

On my own trembling feet

Expecting nothing, wanting nothing

Just relieved to be alive

Still able to feel sunshine on my face

And hope for humanity in my heart.

Longing for Spring

When the bitter cold sets into our veins

When the glare of ice and snow begins to disenchant

Our hearts start to pine for the first signs of spring

To thaw out the winter from our souls.

We are beings of hope in times of darkness

With a natural pull toward regeneration, rebirth

Gravitating toward any possibility of newfound light

To carry us through the bleakness and gloom.

The Upward Climb

While you catch your breath from the last upward climb,

Look behind you at the precarious path you have scaled.

Each individual step may have been perceived as insignificant

Yet put together they equal thousands of diligent steps upward

A steep and necessary evolution of body, mind, and soul.

While there is still mountain left ahead to climb, do not be afraid;

You will face that challenge as you have the others before

With bravery, fortitude, and determination with each step.