Looking Upward

Today I am frail but undaunted

Afraid but not faithless

Uncertain but ever hopeful

In the face of this great, overwhelming unknown.

In our suffering there is resilience

Gratitude for each tiny step of progress

Relief in the warmth of human spirit

Looking upward, always, for traces of light.

To live at all, is to face the terror of vast unknown

Willingly risking our hearts to human experience

Stoically bearing the storms as they downpour

Keeping our chins high, our faith strong.

If we are suffering, we are not alone in our struggle

Collectively experiencing the worry of the world

As these heavy days pass by, one-by-one

Turning our eyes toward a greater source

For hope, and healing, and better days.

Supportive Shoulder

Wandering traveler,

Please excuse the strangeness

Of this odd but sincere request:

Could you spare your shoulder for a moment

So I might take a little rest?

My arms are aching from the lifting

Of those whose strength has faded out

My voice hoarse from reassuring troubled ones

Lost in a fog of confusion and doubt;

My heart is brimming from the giving

All needs of mine I can sufficiently meet

Just a shoulder to rest my head upon

So I might catch a few moments of sleep.

And I Will Close My Eyes

And I will close my eyes

As I walk across this unstable tightrope

Well cognizant of the rocky terrain below

The inherent risks of my balancing act

Teetering precariously on the edge of free falling.

I will not peek at the distant ground beneath

For I know it will only petrify my wobbly feet

And I will not pause to allow doubt to overthrow

Like gusts of wind, destabilizing my locked knees.

If I open my eyes, even for an instant, I may cower;

So I will allow my instincts to take control

Ignoring the influx of critics who may never recognize

That this narrow rope is the only passageway

Between who I am, and who I potentially could be.


For some, home is the shelter of four sturdy walls

With memories infused into photo-lined halls

Miscellaneous clutter as a cozy centerpiece

A comfortable mix of chaos and peace.

For some, home is a feeling of safe security

With the warmth of a fire and plenty to eat

Beloved paw prints etched on wooden floors

Surrendering all worries and cares at the door.

For some, home is the familiarity of a face

Arms wrapped around shoulders in a warm embrace

The belonging of a likeminded, supportive tribe

A sense of community within the place you reside.

Wherever your feet find a place to take root

Whether a far-distant dream or an absolute

Life gently nudges us in the direction we roam

Toward the very things we will always call home.

Tiptoes and Leaps

Life rarely falls into a steady gait

On a linear sidewalk, narrow and straight

But is a whimsical series of tiptoes and leaps

Along precarious tightropes, down hair-raising steeps

Across the fast-flowing rapids of water below

Springing onto a jagged line of slippery stones

Sometimes in this overwhelming, Olympian feat

We overlook those brief moments so tranquil and sweet

When we rest for a moment beneath a shade tree

Or pause on a mountain peak to breathe and to see

All the beauty that exists in this world far and near

All the reasons for living that we hold so dear.

Stepping Out on Ice

Quietly stepping out on ice

Whispering pleas for a safe crossing

Feet slipping, arms extended, palms ready

For a swift and sudden fall,

Taking deep but shaky breaths

In a Herculean attempt to stay balanced.

Isn’t life an unexpected skating adventure

On a patch of thin, splintering ice?

Prepared for a plunge into freezing water

Stunned when you make it to the other side?