Refined Gold

Sometimes the sky is blanketed in angry storm clouds

While on other days the sun shines so brightly it is transformative

And I will never know exactly which one I will see when I wake.

It is the beauty and the adversity of life to expect uncertainty

In an experience so full of gradients of richness and hardship.

Dear soul, I am learning to bask in the gold of sunshine days

Breathing in the oxygen of peace when it decides to offer grace

Knowing that upheaval is just a part of what being human means

As we do our best, always, to weather the barrage of unknowns.

I am learning that the calm before the next storm can sustain me

Through the heartaches and the worries not yet visible on the horizon

Like a hidden reserve of fuel I never realized I needed in my dire hours

When all I can do is hold on, hold on, hold on, until the storm breaks.

My heart is grateful for the awe-inspiring wonder of light-filled days

When flowers settle into the confidence of blooming after the cold

And when, in the midst of the exhaustion that healing generates,

I find myself soaking in sunshine as adversity transforms into gold.

Today’s Resolve

Today I resolve to listen

To sleep when it begins to pull

To sunlight’s contagious beckoning

To the pause before the words unfold.

Today I promise to respond

To my needs often placed on hold

To tears if they choose to well up

To the stories that must be told.

Today I hold myself accountable

To stop revisiting the themes of old

To stay present in this beautiful hour

To the wonders of life we behold.


Healing is meant to hurt,

But no one tells us so

It is the sting of metamorphosis

The collapsing grief of letting go

As our hearts begin to remember

The bittersweet of our history

When we see the whole perspective

Of life, of loss, of synchronicity.

It will not last forever, dear soul,

Though at present all is lonely and cold

No matter how bitter the ache

Or how far away we feel from home,

There is relief in each painful release

Light reflecting in the tears that fall

When we reach the other side of grief

Where all is finally still and calm.

When the Worst Is Over

When your heart is tired,

There is no use in resisting

The still and steady pull

Of sleep when it calls.

Yes, you can keep moving

But dear soul, I see the toll

That a hundred hidden hurts

Have taken on your shoulders.

Break free, just for a moment

From the weight of this world

And rest your barely lifted head

On my willing shoulder,

I promise I will wake you

When the worst is over.

Be Kind to the Dreamers

Be benevolent to the naive ones

Who take longer to fully internalize

The common sense of harsher realities

Their softer hearts cannot materialize.

Be kind to the ones who believe the best

Seeing hope in cynicism’s hopeless wake

Unaware that they wear rose-colored glasses

Soon enough their consciousness will awake

To the black-and-white world of callousness

To the actions that betray the words

To the knowing that comes from the sting of loss

To the unpredictability life incurs.

Be mindful of the ones who wistfully dream

It won’t be long before they recognize the truth

That in a world strewn with sunsets on summer nights

There are broken hearts and catastrophes too.

I Will Try

Here we are, standing in the middle of a bridge

Suspended only by a pair of old, fraying ropes

Swaying back and forth, two hundred feet above ground

Wind gusts whistling through the holes of wooden slats

And by the way, dear soul, I am afraid of heights.

I cannot promise I will be the icon of serenity

I cannot guarantee I’ll make it to the other side

I cannot assume that it will be an effortless stroll

I cannot stop the tears from gushing once I cry

But I can take this bridge one small inch at a time

I can stop to take a breath when I’m afraid I’ll die

And even if it takes an hour, a week, a month, a year

I promise you, dear soul, that I will try.

Find Me in the Place

Find me in the place where this road began

Before there were gnarled twists and turns

Before we knew the horrors of starless nights

When blindly we grasped onto hope

As if it were our last breath.

Find me in the place where there was warmth

Before winter began to wither signs of life

Before the cold stole away our resolve

To laugh through the rain

As if it were our last storm.

Find me in the last remaining light of day

When the air around us is quiet and still

When tears can finally be released

To heal as we have never healed before

As if it were our last despair.