The World We Carry

When my shoulders feel heavy I often forget

That everyone is attempting to be Atlas too

Hoisting a heaviness they never asked to bear

Quietly complying, requesting nothing

But a little bit of kindness to see them through.

We cannot take away the burden of others

But we can lighten their load with empathy

Respect for their dignity in carrying the world

The way they must, for whom they must.

When my shoulders feel heavy I often forget

That we are all Atlases just doing our best

To walk beneath the strain of heartaches and distress

Able but exhausted, moving one step at a time

Needing nothing, wanting nothing,

But for others to be kind.

What I Wish for You

What I wish for you is that you could see your worth

Not from the tainted lens of a biased and cruel world

But from deep within yourself, for yourself.

What I wish for you is that you could start believing

That there is still hope hiding beneath the rubble

Of sudden heartaches and unexpected setbacks,

That what happened to you does not equate who you are

Nor does it exempt you from the taste of joy.

What I wish for you is that you could let go

Of the shoulds and the whys and what ifs

Because they do not matter anymore, dear soul,

Now matters. Here matters. Today matters.

What I wish for you is that you feel safeguarded

Fortressed and cradled even in the darkness

Loved and beloved exactly as you are.

Three Paths

There are three paths ahead of us

Not one of them right, not one of them wrong

Each leading us to the same destination

Whether arriving swiftly or prolonged.

The first leads to an ocean of deepest emotion

Where we swim to rhythm of our heart’s symphony

Eyes closed as we are guided by our intuition

No other compass than pure synchronicity.

The second is ruled by a direct course of thought

Mapped out with deliberate, painstaking detail

Down a highway leading to a predictable location

Where the practical cogs in life’s wheel prevail.

The last is a walk down an oddly familiar road

Where both the pull of our feelings and thoughts collide

Neither impulsively-driven or fearfully delayed

Striking an even balance between heart and mind.

Dear soul, can you trust that we will eventually arrive

Where we know we are needed, where we know we can thrive?

Can you believe in the part of you that already knows

What path will provide the greatest peace to your soul?

And Yet They Bloom

Dear soul, I know the winter has been harsh

Ice upon ice and snow upon snow

As if we were taken prisoner by the elements

Waiting, always waiting, for the arrival of Spring.

This year I thought the cold had won victory

Over the crocuses trapped beneath snow

And yet they bloom despite it all.

Sometimes I feel like we are these little flowers

That survive a barrage of harrowing winters

Never really knowing if we will emerge

Year to year, day to day,

And yet we bloom, we still bloom.


Sit with me for a moment

Let me take your hands in mine

Clearing up the mental clutter

Of a tired and worried mind,

Tapping into the deeper consciousness

Past the cobwebs of doubt and fear

Into the depths of higher awareness

Where what you know is what you feel.

Can you quiet the inner sirens

Of past wounds and recycled pain?

You have nothing to lose with me, dear one,

I am not so easily swayed.

It would take a thousand vices

To shake the roots of my respect

It is your humanness that I most admire

Perfection is not a prerequisite.

So let your worries fade into silence

Let your doubts dissolve into dust

The truth has always been there

All I ask is that you trust.

Where There Is Uncertainty

Where there is uncertainty,

Turn inward to that part of you that knows

That inner compass that intuitively pulls

The flicker of light sparking in your tired soul

That voice of conscience that quietly grows.

When you cannot see the next steps forward,

Listen to the wisdom of past insights

The moments when your heart took flight

The epiphanies made in the depths of night

That sense of knowing when the path is right.

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow I’ll see the bigger picture.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll draft a Plan B.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear my problem-solving hat.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll roll up my worn sleeves.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll look for the silver lining.

Maybe tomorrow the confusion will begin to clear.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll break down my defenses.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll lean on someone dear.

But today…

Today I will just be.