Sit with me for a moment

Let me take your hands in mine

Clearing up the mental clutter

Of a tired and worried mind,

Tapping into the deeper consciousness

Past the cobwebs of doubt and fear

Into the depths of higher awareness

Where what you know is what you feel.

Can you quiet the inner sirens

Of past wounds and recycled pain?

You have nothing to lose with me, dear one,

I am not so easily swayed.

It would take a thousand vices

To shake the roots of my respect

It is your humanness that I most admire

Perfection is not a prerequisite.

So let your worries fade into silence

Let your doubts dissolve into dust

The truth has always been there

All I ask is that you trust.

Where There Is Uncertainty

Where there is uncertainty,

Turn inward to that part of you that knows

That inner compass that intuitively pulls

The flicker of light sparking in your tired soul

That voice of conscience that quietly grows.

When you cannot see the next steps forward,

Listen to the wisdom of past insights

The moments when your heart took flight

The epiphanies made in the depths of night

That sense of knowing when the path is right.

Maybe Tomorrow

Maybe tomorrow I’ll see the bigger picture.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll draft a Plan B.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll wear my problem-solving hat.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll roll up my worn sleeves.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll look for the silver lining.

Maybe tomorrow the confusion will begin to clear.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll break down my defenses.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll lean on someone dear.

But today…

Today I will just be.


Reawakening is not a soft process

It is the gasp of clarity

The heaviness of acceptance

The tears of letting go

Of life as we once knew.

Reawakening is trying again

The risk of vulnerability

The reliving of old conditioning

As we slowly begin to believe

This time is different, the past is gone.

Reawakening is proof of healing

That we are ready for change

Cautiously, at turtle pace

Engaging all protective defenses

Until we know that we are safe.


She built a fortress around herself

Very few were permitted inside

Unless they agreed to patiently wait

For her heartache and fears to subside.

Aware that others deemed her as guarded,

She hid her soul beneath ice and steel

Knowing the ones that deserved her trust

Would gave her time and space to heal.


Today was never promised, but here we are

A miracle often overlooked by the mundane

The gift of breathing with numbered breaths

The luxury of repeating again and again the same.

How easily we forget the wonder of sunrises

When we believe we have a wealth of days to come

How beautiful the road we walk with others

When we spent a lifetime traveling alone.


Sometimes when I find myself floating

Drifting aimlessly in rumination and fear

You are the anchor that guides me home

When I cannot find my landing place.

Eventually I would have found a destination

The way I always have, the way I always will

But your presence is like a peaceful song

Singing me to a grounding space.

We are not strangers to bleak wastelands

On canvases of shattered dreams and lost time

But dear soul, the days are brighter with you here

Like a steady anchor to a wayward soul.

Love Is Written in Chapters

Love is written in chapters

Each one beginning with “I met someone,”

With “forever” doodled hopefully in the margins.

Some chapters fill only a few pages

Compared to others still left unfinished

And while no two are exactly alike,

They represent for us growth, change, awareness

Teaching us what heals us and what harms us

As our bruised hearts take risk upon risk

Quietly hopeful for the chapter that will stay.

Beyond the Bend

No, we may not see far beyond the bend,

But the unknown will dissipate as we walk

Fog clearing slowly with each apprehensive step

Uncertain, but not out of our depth.

For isn’t it true that the best decisions

Were made without the luxury of guarantees?

And we are all just as close to a burst of hope

As we are to the stumble of despair?