A Heart Led

I could have remained numb

Trapped within a feelingless space

A soul resigned to deflated purpose

As skepticism eclipsed grace.

I could have closed my eyes to hope

Shutting out the warmth of light

Choosing suffering over regeneration

Abandoning growth for perpetual night.

I could have embraced the role of cynic

Convinced there is too much pain to feel

But then I would have missed the road

That led my heart to heal.

The Shadowy Road

I am an avid seeker of light,

But sometimes I veer off the sun speckled trails

Into the heart of the forest, unexplored and wild

With that unquenchable pull toward deeper insight

That only a journey through the dark can inspire.

There is nothing to fear on the shadowy road

The spookiest night cannot harm a determined soul

That knows its own course without needing light

Gathering up ghosts of haunted memories past

Breaking down the cobwebs of dysfunction at last

Illuminating darkness with each uncovered truth

Leaving a glowing trail of healing behind.

The Felt Sense

When we set aside the cacophony of racing thoughts

Sitting in the peace of stillness, silencing the chatter

Allowing the pressures of the external to temporarily fade

We can then listen to that quiet inner voice, the felt sense

It is there, dear soul, that a light glows in the dark

A knowing above all knowing, without any evidence

But the warmth and pull of our fervent hearts

Reminding us what matters on this adventure of life

Teaching us to trust in our souls’ calm, steady guidance

As it quietly leads us to that place we call home.

I have struggled to listen at times to this felt sense,

Choosing instead the harshness of cold facts and reality

Closing the door on the only reliable compass that I know

Which is my heart, dear soul, in all of its sentimentality

And when I can sit there in the quiet, listening softly

A light glows from within, awakening my doubtful soul

Pulling me up from my aching onto shaking feet

Whispering words of encouragement to try again.

Maybe it is in the intuitiveness of this sixth sense

That we hear, we finally hear, what we need the most

We see for the first time with a lens of clarity our life

We feel the way forward as if drawn toward light.

Where There Is

Where there is a steady purpose

To lift shoulders and mend hearts

Where there is warmth of healing

Guide me there.

Where there is renewal of faith

In the outcomes we cannot see

Hope generated in heavy footsteps

Lead me there.

Where there is a welcomed return

Of joy after a long stretch of survival

Where our hearts can begin to thaw

Navigate me there.

Where there is stillness and peace

In quiet gardens with flowers and trees

Where we discover the softness of relief

Find me there.

Quiet Fortitude

You were never weak, dear soul.

Not for one moment, not for one breath,

Not even when the relentless dark persisted

Unforgivingly casting shadows of doubt in your mind

About your innate goodness, your brightness of soul,

Even during the nights you fell apart in quiet agony

Feverishly piecing together fragments of a broken heart,

You were never weak, you were never frail.

Tenacity glows in the puddles of your footprints

Left behind after trudging through a resistance of storms

Grace lingers in the ground where you shed your tears

Leaving a trail of vibrant wildflowers behind

And whether by force or willing compliance,

You have walked the bitter path painfully but resolved

A force for betterment in a world of stagnancy

Tired but not hopeless

Refined but not lost

Toughened by experience

A heart wisened but soft.


Change begins with recognition

As our inner dysfunctions become clear

Resisting the urge to deflect or escape

We instead turn our focus inward

Breathing through the pain of soul-searching

As we break down our defenses brick by brick

To understand our role in our own discord.

We are always on a trajectory of evolution

Refining like pearls trapped in transformation

Until finally dawn breaks through the night

And we understand, we finally understand,

Where to find our healing light.

There is no bitterness in this process

We feel what we must feel to overcome

We change what we must change to transform

We cry the tears in need of bittersweet release

Falling apart to be put together piece by piece,

Saved only by our slowly dissolving belief

That on the other side of suffering

We may find relief.